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Thinking Maps

Students at Hollywood Elementary use Thinking Maps in all subject areas.

Thinking Maps are a specific set of maps that are based on eight visual patterns based on a fundamental thinking process.  These patterns are used individually and in combination across every grade level and curriculum area as an integrated set of tools for life long learning.  The eight Thinking Maps are as follows: 
Circle Map - used for defining in context - "brainstorming"
Bubble Map - used for describing using adjectives and adjective phrases
Double Bubble Map - used for comparing and contrasting
Tree Map - used for classifying
Brace Map - used to show "whole to part" relationships
Flow Map - used for sequencing
Multi-Flow Map - used for cause and effect
Bridge Map - used for seeing analogies

Balanced Literacy

At Hollywood Elementary School, Kindergarten - Fifth Grade Reading Instruction is based on the components of a Balanced Literacy Reading Program - Shared Reading , Guided Reading, Literacy Centers, Read Alouds, and Writing.  Shared Reading is whole group instruction based on grade level English Language Arts (ELA) standards.  Guided Reading is small group reading instruction where students are grouped according to their text level (instructional reading level) and are taught reading strategies and comprehension strategies using reading material that is appropriate for their specific reading needs.  Literacy Centers are designed to review specific ELA standards and reading skills that are taught in class during Shared Reading.  The Write From The Beginning program is the writing program that is implemented throughout our Balanced Literacy program across all grade levels that teaches the students the steps to the writing process.
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