Saluda Reads - Summer Reading Program

Below you will find Summer Reading Logs and a sheet explaining the criteria for completing the program. The brochure also has information about the upcoming summer reading events offered by The Saluda County Library. This year our district is partnering with the Saluda County Library for Summer Reading 2018: Libraries Rock! We are excited to work together to have students complete only one reading log.

The public library will have prizes for students who complete the program and turn in reading logs at their location (You can choose to log pages/books online at Current students of Saluda County Schools already have an account created if you choose to log your reading online. Their username is their first and last name together, all lowercase and the password is password1. (example: username: johndoe password: password1) You can change the password once you sign into the program). The public library will generate a list of HES students who complete the summer reading program. HES students who complete the program will receive free admission into the August 31st Saluda High School football game and be able to participate in the pregame reading parade. We encourage you to sign up to participate in this collaborative summer reading program (It begins June 1 and ends August 15). However, if your student brings their reading log on the first day of school, we will accept it on the first day of school only (August 20, 2018). Those returning it to school instead of the public library will only be eligible for the football game prize and not the prizes from the public library. ONLY children enrolled in a Saluda County School who complete the program will receive free admission into the game. 

summer reading brochure

summer reading brochure - Spanish

Counting Books - English

Counting Books - Spanish

Counting Pages Log - English

Counting Pages Log - Spanish